Kids Who Explore is based in Alberta, Canada, so some of our favorite spots to adventure are in Kananaskis Country. There are many hikes available for families and kids of all skill levels. With the help of Megn, @_hideandpeak, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite ones to share with you! 

Troll Falls

3.4kms out & back
154m elevation gain

Troll Falls Trail is a beautiful, easy hike for all skill levels to a set of waterfalls at the end of a horseshoe-shaped canyon. There is a lovely mixture of aspens and evergreen trees with wispy lichen hanging from the branches. There are several teepees in the forest made from fallen tree trunks. This is a huge hit with the kids! In the winter time, the trail to the Upper Falls can be closed due to unsafe conditions.

Prairie/Barrier View

10kms out & back
400m elevation gain

This trail is perfect for those wanting to gain a bit more elevation for those views! Starting at Barrier Lake, the parking lot for this trail can get very busy, so make sure you arrive early to get a spot. As you make your way up Yates Mountain, which you can choose to summit if you’re up to it, you will find the trail very easy to follow. Your first view of Barrier Lake is when you make it to Prairie Viewpoint. You can stop here for lunch, or continue on to the summit of Yates Mountain, or make your way back down via Jewell Pass. Fun fact — there is a helicopter landing pad on the top of Yates Mountain, and someone lives there!

Upper Kananaskis Lake

15.3km loop
453m elevation gain

Although the trail is long kilometer wise, this is still a beautiful trail to take those of all skill levels! This is a great trail to allow the kids to be out of the hiking carrier and walking themselves, and also not to vigorous for you to bring the carrier along. Be aware that this area does sometimes have closures for bears, so watch for any signage indicating any closures!  You can access Rawson Lake and Upper Kananaskis Falls from this trail aswell. This is a great loop for families!

Vents Ridge

4km out and back
300m elevation gain

This trail is in the Bragg Creek/Elbow Valley area, right beside Prairie Mountain. You also pass White Buddha climbing & bouldering area. Be sure to don’t throw rocks from the top, since there are climbers below! This easy summit is doable in the summer or winter. Vents ridge gets its name from the 5 vents you can see on a chilly day!

Wedge Pond

1km loop
33m elevation gain

Wedge Pond is a great option if you have tiny hikers just starting out, and you want to keep it light. This is a nice little walk around a beautiful pond, that has picnic tables, firepits, a water pump and tons of space to enjoy lunch! You can meet up with your mom friends for a relaxed afternoon here, or end your day here after a long hike. Did you know there is also fish in this lake? Stop by to see if you can see them in the clear water!

Thank-you for reading this week’s blog post with the help from Megn, from @_hideandpeak. You can click here to find Megn’s instagram and follow along with her mountain adventures with her little girl. 

Do you have a destination you would like to share your favorite trails from? Send us a message!

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