Inclusion in the Outdoors

At Kids Who Explore, we want children around the globe to have access to outdoor activities and that they feel welcome and included in outdoor spaces. This encompasses children from all races, religions, and gender identities. We also recognize that outdoor experiences can be hindered for children from lower socioeconomic areas and for those with decreased mobility.

It’s critical that Kids Who Explore, as a social enterprise, creates a space for families and kids to feel they have equal opportunities in the outdoors. We try our best to be mindful and feature families from every location and walk of life to celebrate our global diversity.

We do acknowledge, however, that exploring in nature is not always an unbiased activity. Inclusion is integral within our Kids Who Explore community and within the greater outdoor community. Change doesn’t happen overnight and we understand that; we are taking steps as a social enterprise to learn and make a positive change in the outdoors.

A significant step we’ve taken in 2021 is in creating our “KWE Inclusion Committee”. This Committee is composed of a few of our 2021 Ambassadors from across the globe. These ambassadors have volunteered to help us learn, discuss important topics, celebrate global diversity, and tackle the difficult questions in our biased subconscious.

We are always looking at ways to be more inclusive and celebrate global diversity. If you have constructive comments, ideas, or suggestions on how we can better achieve our goal, please contact us — we would love to discuss the topic further!