Kids Who Explore Team

Hiking with baby


Adrianna, her husband, and young son Turner live in a farmhouse with their french bulldog and small herd of pot belly pigs (yep, pigs!). Although Adrianna used to adventure anywhere and any time, the birth of her son opened her eyes to the magic of the little moments. She feels it’s so important for every adventure-loving mama to know that having a baby is just the beginning–not the end–of adventurous moments!

Communications and Media Director

Lauren is a woman of many obsessions – almost all which include time with her daughter, Collins, and son, Deacon (not to forget, her husband, Jordan). When they aren’t hiking, playing at a park, swimming, or paddle boarding, you’ll find Lauren teaching music, creating cookbooks, blogging, planning for their Foundation (all in support of kids), or finishing school for Conscious Parenting Coaching. She’s constantly inspired by the KWE community and has built many new friendships via our explorer families. 

Inclusion Manager

You’ll find Rukmini on any given weekend hiking along the Bruce Trail with her toddler, dog and husband in tow hunting for mushrooms and sharing her biodiversity knowledge with the ‘gram. With a deep connection to her heritage and a passion to be on trail, she is also advocating for diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. After having her first child, Ruk began focusing on how to break cultural barriers that prevent BIPOC from entering outdoor spaces.

Social Media Lead

Michelle was born and raised in the heart of Alberta, and was never the “outdoors type”, but as she got older she found herself gravitating towards the mountains. After quitting her 9-5 carpentry job in 2022 to pursue social media and content creation, she now spends her days hiking, snowboarding, and encouraging people of all skill levels to embrace nature, while doing so safely and consciously. Although she doesn’t have kids of her own, the Kids Who Explore community is where she calls ‘home’. 


Social Media Support

Antonia is a Minnesota mama who loves all things outdoor adventure, travel, and baking with the seasons. She is a freelance writer + content creator who loves finding unique adventures and experiences for families to do together. The idea of “joyful family fun” is at the center of her work. Antonia‘s favorite adventure buddies include her husband and young daughter – they can often be found exploring the Midwest and beyond by hiking, kayaking, and other seasonal activities. Antonia‘s family also has a passion for food and cooking with seasonal ingredients. Regardless of where they are in the world, you can find them always embracing seasonal eats and experiences!