Alberta is home for us!

At Kids Who Explore, we support and giveback to those in our community. We have been able to connect with some incredible people and businesses that love Alberta as much as we do! On this page, you will find those that inspire and help us out along the way in the growth of KWE.

Explorer patches sitting on a rock in a variety of colours.

Our Photographer

Elisabeth Cole

Growing up, Elisabeth’s mother always used to say that she wouldn’t recognize her daughter if she didn’t come home covered in mud. Elisabeth was always outside exploring, curious about the world around her. Today that curiosity has taken her across the world as she explores new places, searching for adventure. An avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, friends used to tease her that her home looks like the inside of a MEC store. Elisabeth is a married, adventure mama to two kids Wyatt and Katelyn. These days, you can find Elisabeth exploring the outdoors with her two kids in-tow or photographing people from all the world in the Rockies! You can check out Elisabeth’s work on her website