Kids Who Explore Team


Adrianna, her husband, and young son Turner live in a farmhouse with their french bulldog and small herd of pot belly pigs (yep, pigs!). Although Adrianna used to adventure anywhere and any time, the birth of her son opened her eyes to the magic of the little moments. She feels it’s so important for every adventure-loving mama to know that having a baby is just the beginning–not the end–of adventurous moments!

Communications and Media Director

Lauren is a woman of many talents. Always with daughter, Collins, in tow, Lauren operates a successful music school! She can also be found blogging and creating square food recipes. In her downtime, her and Collins love to practice swimming and can often be found outdoors walking and hiking together.  She loves visiting with other adventure families and is always excited to get inspired by their stories!

Collaborations Manager

Cindy is the adventure mama we all strive to be. Along with her husband and two kids Jaxon and Niia, Cindy can often be found mountain biking and downhill skiing. While many people feel that adventures stop after having kids, Cindy is here to show you that that’s not the case at all! She wants every mama to know that if you expose your kids to nature at a young age, you’ll see the benefits once your kids begin to participate, and even surpass you, on the trail!

Program Manager

Rowan has always had a passion for all things outdoors, but it wasn’t until her daughter, Stevie, was born that she truly started to appreciate nature. Rowan spent her 2020 maternity leave hiking, biking, swimming, road tripping, and camping… all with Stevie in-tow! She has learned that adventures take many forms and as a parent she just has to adjust her expectations. “As your children grow and change, so do your adventures!” Visit for more!

Ambassador Manager

Elaina now lives in North Pole, Alaska where she is sharing her love for the outdoors with her two kids. She was raised in a small village called Holy Cross down the Yukon river. Growing up, Elaina was taught to love and respect all animals and the outdoors. Her family could often be found hunting and fishing. Elaina’s favourite memory was when her dad took her mushing, where she vividly remembers stargazing and hearing nothing but the footsteps of the dogs.

Inclusion Manager

You’ll find Rukmini on any given weekend hiking along the Bruce Trail with her toddler, dog and husband in tow hunting for mushrooms and sharing her biodiversity knowledge with the ‘gram. With a deep connection to her heritage and a passion to be on trail, she is also advocating for diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. After having her first child, Ruk began focusing on how to break cultural barriers that prevent BIPOC from entering outdoor spaces.

Social Media Lead

Michelle strives to encourage people of all ages to enjoy what nature has to offer. She has a creative thumb and expresses that through all aspects of her life. On her time off you can find her checking off summits, kayaking in glacial lakes and exploring the great outdoors. She aims to educate others to do the same consciously and safely, while creating a positive atmosphere for all those in the outdoors. “The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go.” Visit for more!