Let’s Collaborate!

  • Are you a company looking to increase brand exposure, promote a product, or gain traction on social media?
  • Are you like-minded? Our goal is to inspire families to explore the outdoors. We would love to partner together if we have similar goals!
  • We only want to partner with the best brands! If we collaborate, you can be sure that our partnership will be authentic since we want our followers to value the advice and recommendations we give.
  • Our collaboration initiatives are extensive and if you have something you feel could be of interest, we want to hear from you!

Collaborations Available

  1. Social Media/Podcast Features

    Kids Who Explore is available to promote your brand, product, or mission on social media!

    • Podcast: would you like to hear us promote your brand on one (or multiple) podcast episodes?
    • Instagram: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let our Instagram account speak for your brand to our following of over 47,000 explorers!
    • Facebook: If you’re looking for a more in-depth promotion with photos, videos, and links to your website and social media accounts, a Facebook collaboration may work best for you! Our team will create engaging Facebook posts that will flock interest to your brand.
    • YouTube: YouTube videos are a great tool to drive traffic to a product. Collaborate with us to see tried-and-true product “box openings” and reviews of your products on our YouTube channel!
    • Combinations of Social Media: Looking for a little bit of everything? We offer packages that can be tailored to your brand’s specific marketing goals.
  2. Ambassador Sponsorships

    Our Ambassador team of over 40 global adventure families is guaranteed to increase exposure to your brand!

    • Promotional Projects: Launching a new initiative? Our ambassadors can help get the word out there!
    • Gear Reviews: authentic opinions from families who would actually buy your products
    • Experience Review: are you a company who offers activity experiences (such as heli-tours)? Our ambassadors can review your experience and promote your business!
    • Tourism and Accommodation Reviews: travel is tough since COVID-19. Our ambassadors can help get your tourism or accommodation business back on track!
  3. Brand Photography

    • Would you like professional photos of your gear in the Canadian Rocky Mountains? Are you promoting a new product and want “real world” people photographed using your product? Our team can make it happen!
  4. Give-back/Non-Profit Initiatives

    • Charity Endeavours: if you’re in the business of helping kids and families create a safe, sustainable, and inclusive world, you’re in luck. It’s our goal too!
    • Fundraisers: Let’s make the outdoors affordable for all kids and families.
    • Advertising: Need help getting your initiative out into the world? Let us help be your voice!
    • Event Sponsorship: would you like to help our brand run an event in the community?
    • Giveaways: We love to give back to our community and gift families with outdoor branded gear.

Are you interested in collaborating with us? Need more information? Media kit and rates are available on request! Get started by contacting us. We look forward to working together!