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The Ten Essentials and Car-Camping Basics with Campers Village

What is the idea of the Ten Essentials? The concept of the “Ten Essentials” was formalized in 1974, according to Mountaineers. The idea, however, dates all the way back to
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Camping Activities that are Sure to Please any Nature-Loving Kid

I hope at some point in your life you’ve camped (whether or not it went off without a hitch or if you woke up floating away on your air mattress like
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Wildlife in the Wilderness: Camping and Exploring Safely in Bear Country with Kim Titchener

Picture this: It’s the middle of the night, the kids are sleeping, you’re tucked snugly in your sleeping bag, and it’s raining outside. The raindrops create a soothing pitter-patter on
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By Lauren Rodych-Eberle

If you need some great tips on what to pack when preparing for a hike, check out this post! Lauren talks all about what she packs and which brands she prefers for all her hiking gear. ​

By Lauren Rodych-Eberle

Lauren answers all your questions about hiking with a baby in this post! She dishes on gear, tips on how to dress (yourself and baby), what to pack, and everything in between. You’ll hit the trail well-informed after reading!​

By Carrie Malin

New to camping and not sure where to start? Read Carrie’s post all about camping, complete with 8 important considerations and a short list of important things she wish she knew before hitting the wilderness!