We’re more than just a brand

While Kids Who Explore does plan local, in-person events, we are a global community. That means we’re often planning world-wide, virtual events, and we would love it if you would help us make a difference! Join us as we get involved with:

  • Important initiatives to keep our Earth healthy (trash cleanups, trail sustainability, etc.)
  • Virtual outdoor challenges (hike challenges, walking/running challenges, etc.)
  • Celebrating local culture and diversity by going on-location for events (eg. the Flying Canoe Volant in Edmonton, AB)
  • Outdoor education (safety webinars, live interviews with outdoor experts, etc.)


Kids Who Explore Virtual Camp-Cooking Event!

Between Friday, June 4 and Sunday, June 6, 2021, join Kids Who Explore for a free virtual camp-cooking event, sponsored by Campers Village! Read more in the full details below.
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Kids Who Explore Plant Scavenger Hunt

Join us on our Global Plant Scavenger Hunt to learn more about plants this Spring. Receive your bingo card game and green explorer patch in the mail. You will be
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Kids Who Explore Planet Cleanup

Take Earth Day 2021 to a new level with Kids Who Explore! Join us for a virtual, worldwide litter-clean up event. Simply head outdoors to any location that is in
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