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A family of three hikes together in the rain.

How to Hike in the Rain with Kids

Are you wondering how to hike in the rain with kids? Hiking in the rain as a family offers many benefits and can be a fun way to explore the outdoors together. Plus, it is a safe experience for all ages when done thoughtfully. Keep reading to learn more about hiking in the rain together and our top recommended rain gear options for kids!

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A young girl looks out onto a snowy view of Lake Superior in Minnesota.

13 Best Winter Vacations in the Snow for Families

Winter is a great season for fun adventures and weekend getaways with kids. If you’re looking for one of the best winter vacations for outdoorsy families, we have everything you need, from snowy wonderlands to cool-weather dessert hikes. Whether skiing, dog-sledding, or snowshoeing, these kid-friendly winter vacations promise joy and memories that will last a lifetime! Keep reading to learn about our top picks for the best snowy winter destinations in Canada and the United States for families.

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Four teens huddle together while playing in the snow, and wearing their warm winter layers!

The Ultimate Guide to Base Layers for Your Outdoor Kids this Winter

Base layers (or thermal underwear) wick moisture away from the skin – keeping kids warm and dry. The best options are form-fitting. While it is tempting to size up when buying for kids to make them last longer, this layer should be true to size. Fabrics like synthetics (polyester or nylon) or Merino wool are best. Keep reading to learn more about our top picks for base layers for outdoor kids this winter!

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A family hikes through the snow in Iceland.

11 Best Places to Visit in Europe with Outdoor Kids

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Europe with outdoor kids? You’re in the right spot! Our vibrant community of Explorer Families worldwide has shared their favorite places in Europe to go with outdoorsy, nature-loving kids, from the active volcanoes of Iceland to the sun-kissed beaches of Italy. Keep reading to learn more about where to go in Europe with kids!

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Several kids run along a beach while travelling together.

5 Best Warm Winter Vacations for Outdoor Families

Ready for a little fun in the sun? Many families who live in snowy climates are already planning trips to escape the snow and find some sandy beaches to stick their toes in. If you’re considering warm winter vacations with your kids this season, we have some excellent ideas just for you! Keep reading to discover our top picks for the best sun-soaked destinations in the United States for families.

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A mom and her young daughter enjoy a snowy outing in Minnesota.

2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Who Explore!

Get ready to ignite your little adventurer’s holiday spirit using our guide to the best Christmas gifts for kids who love the outdoors! This year, give the gift of endless exploration with our specially curated selection of outdoor gift ideas for kids. From rugged gear that can handle any terrain to interactive toys that spark imaginative play, we’ve compiled several exciting gift ideas to inspire adventure in your child. Keep reading to find all of our gift ideas!

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