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Camping Activities that are Sure to Please any Nature-Loving Kid

I hope at some point in your life you’ve camped (whether or not it went off without a hitch or if you woke up floating away on your air mattress like
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Wildlife in the Wilderness: Camping and Exploring Safely in Bear Country with Kim Titchener

Picture this: It’s the middle of the night, the kids are sleeping, you’re tucked snugly in your sleeping bag, and it’s raining outside. The raindrops create a soothing pitter-patter on
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Backcountry Camping with Toddlers and Infants

As I lay here writing this, my three-year-old daughter is flipping and flopping, chatting and singing, and not going to sleep. Welcome to backcountry camping with kids! Or at least
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How our Global Community Cleaned up 159 Bags of Litter

Planet Cleanup in Honour of Earth Day Kids Who Explore wrapped up its FIRST event last week: Planet Cleanup. The purpose with this event was to make cleaning up litter
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Welcome to Kids Who Explore! Let’s Get to Know Our Original #patch4apurpose

If you’re new to Kids Who Explore (KWE), welcome! We are a Canadian-founded team of mamas who really love one thing: the outdoors. We have a mission over here and
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