This week’s blog is written by Explorer Family Dad Jeremy Baridon, @jeremybaridon. Jeremy is a Dad of 1 living in Gap, Hautes-Alpes, France. We are so grateful to have Jeremy as a member of our @kidswhoexploreeurope community. Jeremy and his family go on endless adventures, from skating to biking, hiking to go-kart riding — we are constantly inspired by this beautiful family! Jeremy has written about the benefits of getting kids outside at young ages. There are endless amounts of things getting outdoors at a young age can develop, and Jeremy has shared some here with you. Here is how getting outside at a young age helps kids develop in their life:

Develop Complicity

Bringing toddlers outside very young helps the whole family to develop complicity ! It starts at home by preparing all the stuff needed, by explaining them where they’ll be exploring. They can help parents during all the preparing phase when they become older. The link created during a hike with the baby carrier or during a camping night is incomparable. That’s where memories are made!

During the exploration or the hike, complicity is really important . By introducing fun games, you can transform a moment of effort into a great sharing and learning moment.

Develop Children's Senses

Outside, the world is extremely rich! Our nature is full of incredible places that evolve through the seasons. It’s a great learning tool for the kids to help them understand that nature is alive! Exploring is a great way to learn by watching, listening and smell!
Watching the trees’ colors evolving as the seasons change, hike without making noise and try to find animals to admire, smell the flowers of each seasons, listen birds song or deer’s slab. Our favorite is a night out in the outdoors watching sunset and after counting shooting stars at night!

Develop The Sense of Effort

This is to us the most incredible aspect of bringing kids outside as young as possible! In life, when you want something, you got to work for it! You have to go get it and nothing is going to come easily! It’s exactly the same in the mountains! To watch a sunset you have to wake up early, and to walk fast enough to be at the top before sunrise! It’s fun for the kids to have simple and clear objectives! Having the reward of being at the top before the sun is a great pride! Sharing a snack on top of the mountains is a great moment to share as a family!

Raising Awareness For The Fragility of Nature

Being in nature early, teaches kids that environment is fragile and we have to protect it! To be able to transmit a healthy world to future generations we have to grow them in a protective and a responsible mindset! Understand that every small actions count to protect our world is key to grow them into great human beings and great parents in the future!

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