This week’s blog post ties into one our latest podcast episodes: Nursing On-The-Trail with Petra Sporinova. You can click here to listen to the episode on your favourite streaming platform. Petra, mom of 2 living in Calgary, is one of two mom’s that run one of our favorite brands — KOJO Breastfeeding Activewear. Getting out with a new baby can be stressful, so we’ve summed up Petra’s tips and put them into a easy-to-read blog post. Here is what she had to say:

Keeping our babies fed and full on the trail is extremely important for a happy adventure. Petra says she loves nursing because it’s good for nourishment, connection and convenience — and being on the trail, convenience is key in any situation. This is why KOJO was created, to allow for convenience and contact-parenting on the trail. Nursing-specific clothing is great for adventures, especially when it’s colder on the trail, to keep your middle section warm. KOJO has also expanded into casual wear for all parents, as well as clothing for kids.

Tips for adventuring with a new baby

  • Start slow
  • Choose small adventures
  • Do something you’re already comfortable with
  • Don’t forget that a walk around the neighborhood is an adventure!

Tips for feeding babies on the trail

  • Practice nursing in different positions at home
  • Try nursing somewhere in public (outside)
  • Stay relaxed, hydrated, well-fed and rested
  • Practice nursing with baby in a front carrier. This also works great to get stuff done around the house too!
  • Nurse at at the trailhead in the car, before and after your adventure
  • Bring a toy to entertain the older kids while you are nursing the younger one on the trail
Petra’s Suggestins:
Book: Breastfeeding for Busy Moms — The Handbook! by Heather ONeal
Documentary: Deadliest Journeys

About KOJO

KOJO was started by Jana, mom of 2, in Slovakia after finding it too difficult to position herself and her baby comfortably enough during a nature walk as the regular activewear was just too tight. She began thinking of practical activewear & materials designed specifically for breastfeeding moms. After designing the products herself, she found an eco-friendly and sustainable family-owned local company that develops their own synthetic and wool/merino fibers.

Petra, who is originally from Slovakia, moved to Calgary with her family. She fell in love with KOJO immediately — from how comfortable it is, to practicability. When she moved, she realized that all Canadian outdoorsy moms deserve to discover this great product — And that is how KOJO came to Canada!

You can click here to find KOJO’s website
You can click here to find KOJO’s Instagram

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