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BONUS EPISODE – YYC Outdoor Communities with Tanya Koob

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Making friends can be hard! Making friends who want to do the same outdoor activities as you can be even harder! Tanya Koob, a Calgary-based mom, found herself in that predicament 12 years ago, when she first had her son. The solution? She started Facebook groups that brought like-minded, outdoor loving families together!

Calgary Outdoor Play Groups run by Tanya:
Cross Country Skiing YYC:
Mighty Mountains Kid Group (6 to 12/14-years-old):

Also mentioned – YYC Family Biking on Facebook

Other fun suggestions:

  • Geocaching:
  • Bike closed highways: One example is Highway 66 outside Bragg Creek, starting from Elbow Falls to Beaver Dam Flats Campground (check if it is closed before you go)

Follow Tanya at: IG: @mountainmomyyc; the Facebook groups listed above;

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