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Ep. 101 Adventuring with Two Under Two – What We’ve Learned

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Our adventure crew has grown over the last few months – Adrianna and Lauren both welcomed new little boys into the world, and are now each adventuring with 2 kids, 2-years-old and under. They wanted to share what they’ve learned!

Going in the backyard is great! Stepping out your door is an adventure in itself. That’s our definition of “success.” 

Loading Up the Car: 

  • Give yourself WAY more time (get ready the night before even) – allowing time for your kids to also go at their own pace keeps the peace!
  • Wear the baby to the car, so you can be hands-free and hold other things if needed
  • Get your kids to help get ready, where their capabilities allow
  • Get all the kids IN the car, and then strap in kids as you need to (Safety reminders: babies should not stay in bucket seats if it’s not attached to the base in the car or stroller; kids should not be wearing their puffy winter gear/jackets while in their car seats)

At the Adventure: 

  • Pick realistic adventures, so it’s more fun for everyone!
  • Choose time of day that works best for you – if naps can be on the go, that’s great! Set expectations
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to get ready (feed baby, change diapers, get layers on, etc.)
  • Layer up for winter in the car
  • Have items for your older kiddos if they need to wait for younger ones or feedings (books, nature journals, colouring, cars/dinosaurs)
  • Know of things to look out for on the adventure to add excitement for the kids
  • Bring someone with you, if they are willing – extra hands are so helpful!


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