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Ep. 102 Seeing Every US National Park by the Age of 3 with The Castillos

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How long do you think it would take to see all 63 US National Parks? Well, for Journey Castillo, only the first 3 years of her life! Learn why her family made this their goal and how beautiful the journey with Journey has been!

Eric and Valerie Castillo, are the founders of a mission called Journey Go Explore and parents of Journey, a 2-year-old who has already had many adventures. At the time of recording this in October of 2022, she has visited 45/63 US National Parks and is inspiring people all over the country to get outdoors, bond with family and visit parks. The Castillos are passionate about traveling, being outdoors, mental health, wellness, spirituality, healing, training, conditioning, education and more by harnessing the power of nature. Their recent travels have brought on a wisdom that they want to share, especially regarding mental health.

Some Great Messages: 

  • Let kids get dirty
  • Go at their pace
  • Don’t wait to see these parks! They aren’t guaranteed to be there forever, or be the same
  • There’s always a way to make it happen, time-wise and money-wise!

Travelling Tips:

  • Check weather before you go. Be aware that nature is not accommodating to you. Be prepared with all the weather gear
  • Find a visitor centre and ask for a plan for your toddler, or whatever age and accommodations you need, including weather. Park rangers are great!
  • To make flying more cost effective, Google cheap flights and look into early flights or red eye flights, or go in off-season

    Book Recommendation:
    Can’t Hurt Me; Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins  

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