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Ep. 103 Solo Parenting During Plane Travel

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Plane travel with kids can carry a lot of mental weight, and when you’re doing it solo, a lot of physical weight too! Here are some tips to make it a little more manageable, even with car seats involved!

Getting to the Airport 

  • Practice getting car seats in a car ahead of time
  • Think about which kid to get in first at home, and out first at the airport, etc.

At the Airport  

  • Choose if you are going to check or carry-on
  • Car seats and strollers – recommend gate checking (the warranty of these items is void if it is checked at the airport) – to gate check, ask upon check in and/or at the boarding counter for gate check passes, then drop them off at designated drop off before boarding plane
  • Backpacks for travel car seats make it easier to transport around airport (and you can fit gear in them, if needed!)
  • Give yourself lots of extra time, so you can be calm for whatever pace the kids are going
  • Book Spot Saver (in Seattle airport) for quicker security line up (remember every security has different rules):
  • Have options that suit your family – carrier, stroller, roll-on luggage
  • Take bathroom breaks all at the same time before and after flight (family washroom is so helpful)

On Airplane 

  • Start with less and pull out one thing at a time (books, colouring, post-it notes, puzzles, stick-on window toys, music with headphones (Puro brand) or shows) 
  • Lollipops (YumEarth brand) for takeoff and landing for toddlers/older kids, breastfeeding/soother for younger ones, and/or water bottle and snacks to help their ears  
  • Flight Fud for in flight to help adults (and kids) with hydration, circulation, immunity and support against radiation (discount code LAURENEB) 

Travel Car Seats & Luggage Mentioned 

*Check if they follow your country’s regulations* Suitable in USA

  • Doona Car Seat/Stroller for infant
  • WayB Car Seat for toddler
  • JetKids Stokke Travel-On Luggage

Keep your expectations realistic! Stay calm, so the kids feel that energy. Take help where it’s offered! 

Episode 81: Travelling with Kids –


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