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Ep. 104 Snowshoeing with a Toddler

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Have you wondered if you should attempt snowshoeing with a toddler? We will let you know on today’s episode (plus, lots of other outdoor winter sport tips!).

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Snowshoeing Tips (for toddlers, and beyond): 

  • Rent snowshoes for toddlers – go in and make sure they fit with winter boots
  • Use the washroom before layering up!
  • Go with a friend to feed off of
  • Check expectations!
  • Go to a park or backyard (not a big, deep snow trail)
  • Bring a sled as backup!! Give them choices
  • Do what you’re encouraging, and have fun yourself
  • Small exposures add up
  • Plus, get YOUR snowshoes on before strapping up kids or babywearing

Other Winter Tips: 

  • Practice wearing gloves ahead of time [hand warmers are a great backup to hold (even without gloves)]
  • Have something to look forward to after the adventure – often to warm you up!!


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