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Ep. 105 Combatting the Negativity on Social Media

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Kids Who Explore really enjoys social media. It’s a place where we’ve formed a beautiful community, share stories, help others, and become inspired. Unfortunately, it’s not always that way…

Reminders When You’re Viewing Social Media: 

  • You aren’t seeing the whole picture, or always getting the whole context
  • Triggers are INSIDE people – look inside if you’re triggered
  • It’s never okay to be rude; you can “move along” without commenting
  • They aren’t just accounts – they are humans
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand
  • Follow those who make you happy

Reminders If You’ve Received Hurtful Comments: 

  • Give empathy to those who are triggered, even though it’s never okay to be rude
  • You can block those if needed

We appreciate your positivity at KWE! 


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Today’s Host: @adriannaadventures & @laurenrodycheberle from @kidswhoexplore
Production: @kpmediaproductions. Music: @michaelferraro_music