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Ep. 107 What Even Is Work-Life Balance?

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“Be where your feet are.” That’s our ultimate goal in ‘balancing’ time with our kids and time at work. What does that look like? Well, we are a work in progress figuring it out!

What We Do Know: 

  • Listen to yourself – notice stress and exhaustion
  • Be open to the help
  • Notice when to say no
  • Connect with child(ren) before work
  • Live your tech life out loud, so your kids know what you’re doing
  • Block schedule – then it’s not scattered and you can get more done (still room for spontaneity)

Episodes Mentioned: 

Ep. 42 Why to Avoid Kid-Centered Activities with Michaeleen Doucleff:

Ep. 78 Outdoor Time Over Screen Time with Andrea Davis:


The things you want to do: Can you change your expectations of them and do them on a smaller scale with kids around? Maybe it’s not a hot yoga class, but maybe you can do a 15-minute yoga video at home, for example! 


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