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Ep. 113 An Adventure Baby Shower Gift Registry List

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Give the Gift of Adventure to an Adventurous Parent to be: Everything they’ll need to hike with their baby is shared on today’s episode!

Wish List: 

  1. Soft-Structured Carrier(for newborn to 3 years old, with rain and winter cover)
  2. AChild Carrier(for 6+ months with rain cover and hydraulics pack)
  3. SOS Device/Satellite Phone with Subscription
  4. Family First-Aid Kit
  5. Merino Wool Base Layers and Socks
  6. Bear Belt(to hold bear spray)
  7. Summit Seat
  8. Fleeceand Down Bunting
  9. Hiking Poles
  10. Ice Cleats
  11. Adventure Blankie
  12. 4×4 Stroller(if not able to carry)

Bonus Item: Baby Explorer Toque from KWE! 

Refer to this blog post for all links:

Lauren’s Soft-Structured Carrier Suggestion: 

Tula Free to Grow (and Toddler Carrier)
Discount Code: LAURENEB5 gets you 5% off

Babywearing Episode:

Hiking with your baby creates a strong bond. You’ll look back and love the memories you created on the trail together.  


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Today’s Host: @adriannaadventures from @kidswhoexplore
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