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Ep. 21 Snacks on the Trail with Dr. Ashley Toporowski

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Dr. Ashley Toporowski is a dentist in Saskatchewan, Canada, and a mom to a sweet one-year-old girl! She shares weekly dental tips on her Instagram page to help other caregivers feel comfortable and confident in caring for their children’s oral health. When she’s not working as a dentist, her family loves to get outside and explore. From snowboarding and hiking, to biking and fishing, they always say that they are happiest outdoors!

Continual snacking, which Dr. Ashley calls “grazing,” increases the chance of cavities, so she suggests sticking to somewhat of a “scheduled” snack schedule, especially on adventures!

Best Foods for Teeth: 

  • Cheese
  • Raw Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Fruits
  • Crunchy foods (ie. apples)

Foods that Increase Chances of Cavities: 

  • Foods high in sugar
  • Foods high in carbs
  • Sticky foods (ie. crackers, that get stuck in teeth)
  • If you’re going to eat chocolate, chocolate over 70% cocoa is best for teeth (still in moderation)

This doesn’t mean not to have any of the “foods that increase chances of cavities”; it just means balancing those foods with foods that are good for your teeth! Also, after eating, drink water to wash away the excess food and sugars.

Another tip: Chewing xylitol gum or sugar-free gum after eating can help, because it promotes the saliva in your mouth, allowing the mouth to repair the enamel.  


  • On adventures with kids, bring a straw cup!
  • Kids need water after age 1.
  • Before age 1, water is just for practice, as you do not want water to displace a breastmilk or formula feed.

Book Recommendation: Big Steps – We’re Going to the Dentist

*Reminder: Children should visit the dentist for the first time at 1-year-old, or 6 months after first tooth erupts* 

Follow Dr. Ashley at: IG: @drashleytop


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