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Ep. 22 Gentle Parenting Outside with M.J. Singletary-Villalobos

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MJ Singletary-Villalobos is the creator of the Instagram account, Verde Lobos Project, an intimate journal exploring Gentle Parenting, strength in vulnerability, culture, and the role nature plays in connecting with oneself and others. MJ is a higher education professional, a published author, and a believer that love rooted in reality will liberate us all!

MJ Singletary-Villalobos practices Gentle Parenting, but there are many other names for it – Conscious Parenting. Mindful Parenting. Respectful Parenting. He believes that all of them come down to a long-term approach in regards to both discipline and the relationship one has with their children. He believes the parent-child relationship should focus on respect and seeing a child as a whole person (no matter their age). From parenting without the use of fear, to handling meltdowns on the trail respectfully, MJ is here for all of it!

Skills of gentle parenting: 

  • Love
  • Patience
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Treating yourself AND others with love and respect
  • NEVER using fear as a guide

In modern society, we separate nature and life…but, in reality, they are one. MJ says that the root of a loving relationship with our children is the same root of our love for nature. He calls on us to empower our children; to let them lead.

When it comes to child meltdowns on the trail:  

  • Don’t worry about concurring the summit; concur your relationship
  • Get on their level
  • Let them talk and lead the conversation
  • Accept their emotion
  • Be a “safe spot”
  • Don’t tell them what to think or feel

*In America, a lot of highway systems make nature inaccessible for various classes 

Call to action: Get involved. Vote. Speak at town halls. Advocate with non-profits that make nature accessible. In nature, do unto others as you would want done unto you. Be a gentle person, not just a gentle parent.

Book recommendation: Raising Cain by Dan Kindlon, PhD & Michael Thompson PhD

Find MJ Singletary-Villalobos’ book, A Flower Never Picks Itself via Amazon

Follow MJ: IG: @verdelobosproject


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