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Ep. 26 How to Inspire Kids to WANT to Get Outside

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Have you been trying to find ways to inspire your kids to love the outdoors? We have some tips!

A question that comes up from our community again and again, in many forms, is how to get your kid(s) outside…how to inspire your kid(s) to WANT to get outside.

Here are some of our tips: 

  • Start them young
  • Share YOUR love and energy about the outdoors
  • Let them choose the adventure
  • Have the mental attitude that it’s supposed to be fun!
  • Play games [bring a hammock!]
  • Accept their emotions
  • Bring along friends

Some ideas for getting outside after injuries: 

  • Keep it simple and adventure in the backyard
  • Wrap up injury (to avoid getting wet)
  • Make use of a wagon!

We end up talking a lot about the benefits of “Grounding” (also known as “Earthing”) in this episode. Stay tuned for a whole future episode on this topic. Sneak peek: It helps with pain and inflammation.  

Some ideas for volunteering with kids in the outdoors: 

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • 4H

Balloons mentioned (remember to recycle):

Zuru BunchO Balloons

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