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Ep. 27 Get In The Water with Tanya Vanthuyne

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Get it the water! Let you children see you do it! That’s Tanya Vanthuyne’s biggest secret to raising adventurous kids! In today’s episode you’ll learn more about that, keeping hikes interesting, and some bonus GoPro advice for beginners wanting to capture the beauty of nature while exploring!

Tanya Vanthuyne lives in Edson, Alberta, a very small town located about an hour east of the Rockies. She has two sons. Her oldest, who is on the spectrum, loves water and low impact activities. Her youngest is always pushing the boundaries on new adventures. Her family loves camping, hiking, paddle boarding, snowboarding, and pretty much anything active outdoors.She believes life doesn’t have to change completely when you have kids – it just requires a little adjusting, extra patience, and always a Plan A, B, C and D.  Tanya always says “YOU create your kids’ normal” She suggests pushing out the noise of what “society says is the norm” and being confident in raising your kids with the life that makes your heart happy.

Tips for paddle boarding with a baby (have them wearing a life jacket): 

  • Start slow
  • Lie or sit on the board with them
  • Have their hand exploring the water
  • Have snacks available (for after)

Get in the water! Let your kids see you do it! 

Keep hikes interesting: 

  • Play games
  • Notice what’s around you – animals, plants, etc.

GoPro Advice for Beginners: 

  • Take photos in “time lapse”
  • Video continuously and pull photos from video
  • Have the two above settings prepared, so you can simply turn it on and start capturing
  • Invest in a mouth guard mount, a chest mount, or a bike mount, depending what suits you, so you can take in the moment, while the GoPro captures it
  • Remember: The GoPro works best in the sun!
  • It’s durable, so let kids try it out!
  • Edit in Lightroom

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