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Ep. 30 Nursing On-The-Trail with Petra Sporinova

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Kids do better outdoors! As do parents, for that matter!! Being a breastfeeding mom shouldn’t keep you indoors, so, what is the best way to nurse while adventuring? Between KOJO breastfeeding activewear and Petra Sporinova’s tips, you should be set!

Petra Sporinova is an active mom of 2 little boys. She moved from Slovakia to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which was quite the adventure in itself, and now is happy to daily put on her KOJO breastfeeding activewear and adventure with her sons! KOJO is a brand that is made in Europe, and run by two moms, one being Petra. It is focused on sustainability and child-parent bonding, and we can’t forget, getting outside!

Advice for adventuring with a new baby: 

  • Start slow
  • Choose small adventures
  • Do something you’re already comfortable with
  • Don’t forget that a walk around the neighbourhood is an adventure!

Nursing-specific clothing is great for adventures, especially when it’s colder on the trail, to keep your middle section warm. However, KOJO is expanding to casual wear, as well as clothing for kids.

Tips for feeding babies on the trail: 

  • Practise nursing in different positions at home
  • Try nursing somewhere in public (outside)
  • Stay relaxed, hydrated, well-fed, and rested
  • Practise nursing with baby in a front carrier (works great to get stuff done around the house too)
  • Nurse at the trailhead, in the car, before and after adventure
  • Bring a toy to entertain the older kids while you are nursing the younger one on the trail

Petra says she loves nursing, because it’s good for nourishment, connection, and convenience! 

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Petra’s Suggestions: 

Book: Breastfeeding for Busy Moms – the Handbook! by Heather ONeal

Documentary: Deadliest Journeys 


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