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Ep. 33 Leave No Trace with the Musser Family

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The Musser family is the definition of chosen family! From being foster parents to 34 children, to now travelling the United States on a bus with their family of four (plus a dog), to homeschooling in nature, they are here to teach us about respecting the earth, enjoying nature, and leaving no trace!

The Musser family calls themselves a misfit family of four that squeezes themselves (plus a slightly feral pup) into an 18 foot mini skoolie, to live the full time nomad life. Their eldest – Buckets – was adopted from foster care. Their son – Monkey – they are legal guardians of. And their puppy – Dingo – is a rescue mutt found running with a wild pack of dogs. The Tall One works remotely as an electrical engineer designing power and lighting for new construction to pay the bills, while Minnie plays paparazzi and writes for a couple outlets about their wild adventures. They love skiing, rock climbing, trail running, hiking, backpacking and all things that include getting dirty. Minnie just completed a hike on the pacific crest trail from Mexico to Canada and together as a family they are training to safely mountaineer.

Leave No Trace

  • Do not litter
  • Pick up garbage you see in nature and on the ground
  • Leave nature as nature; remember even a leaf can be an animal’s home
  • Do not create fires just anywhere; research fire bans, and only use fire rings that rangers make and maintain
  • Tip: Call the ranger station and they will come collect garbage bags you have picked up, and dispose of them

Kids suggest making picking up trash a game, like I Spy! 

“Do something about it…put in action to make the world better!” 

The Musser family likes to spend money on experiences rather than things. This year they are spending their adventure money on a Power Pass that gets you access to ski within 4 states.

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