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Ep. 35 How to Ditch the Carrier with Rachel Sanchez

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In the words of the 2-year-old Sanchez daughter, “The mountains are my home.” That is how the Sanchez family is living their lives. Today we chat with Rachel Sanchez about part-time life in a van-home, to ditching the carriers, to hiking while pregnant. KWE is proud to see a family that is allowing nature to help raise their kids!

The Sanchez Family, is a multicultural family based in Utah, USA. They have three little girls and a little boy on the way. They love being outdoors as a family and feel it is the best way to experience life and all that the earth has to offer. They use the outdoors as their favorite parenting tool to teach many of life’s important lessons from strength and courage, to kindness and gentleness. Inclusion and diversity in the outdoors is important for Rachel, and her husband, to show her daughters!

How They Make Their Van-Home Feel Like Home: 

  • Allow each girl to have a drawer in the van that is their own
  • Let them bring their favourite items from home
  • Her girls are most comfortable in the van in close proximity, especially sleeping

How They Ditch the Child Carriers: 

  • They decide the carrier isn’t their go-to, and they never tell their kids to get in the carrier
  • They expect that the kids will hike [They’ve seen it benefit them so much and foster independence!]
  • Carrier has never been a punishment or a necessity, even if they are “going too slow”
  • They let them get in and out, as much as they want!
  • They choose shorter hikes when they need to

Advice for Hiking While Pregnant: 

  • Listen to your body and how far you want to go
  • Trust yourself
  • If pregnant with carrier, wear your pack properly with waist strap buckled, and belly band
  • Close to end of pregnancy, maybe avoid using the carrier/hiking pack
  • Bring someone along to carry kids

Book Recommendation: Wild Vet Adventures: Saving Animals Around the World with Dr. Gabby Wild

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