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Ep. 36 The Three Layer Winter Rule

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While some people have winter layers down to a science, others are new to winter, or they are new to dressing KIDS for winter. So, let’s sum up our three layer winter rule, for all ages, adults included!

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Three Layers: 

  • Base Layer: We like merino wool (or wool). If the merino wool price point is not accessible, synthetic layers work too!
  • Mid Layer: We like fleece
  • Top Layer: We like water-resistant when they are younger, but waterproof once they are older and playing in the snow or rain
  • Extra: Mitts, Toques/Beanies, Socks, Boots, Neck Warmer (fleece or merino wool – size differs between the two; merino wool is more snug)

Merino wool base layers are good for all seasons, because they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer [also acts as an SPF]. 


  • Check baby’s temperatures by feeling the temperature on the back of their neck 
  • When babywearing, B&Me ( or babywearing specific layers help to keep both baby and caregiver warm


  • When getting to potty training/toilet learning stage, 2-piece clothing is easier than 1-piece

Older Kids: 

  • Set out the layers in order, so they can get themselves dressed

The stage when kids don’t want layers on:  

  • Try singing (even about what you’re doing)
  • Use a whisper
  • Keep your energy calm

Always pack extra clothes, in case anything gets wet.  

-10 to -15 degrees Celcius is our limit for big adventures. Colder than that, short adventures just in the backyard.


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