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Ep. 40 Grounding in All Seasons with Dr. Laura Koniver

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“When I talk about grounding, I’m talking about physically touching the earth. Head to toe, you are conductive, [and] the earth has an actual heartbeat.” Those are the words of Dr. Laura Koniver, who is a true expert on grounding/earthing. If you haven’t heard of this before, don’t miss out! It will quite literally, change your life!

Laura Koniver, M.D. is also known as the Intuition Physician. She says that she loves approaching health and well-being from every angle and offering the most helpful solution to her patients. She started studying and practicing medicine, and then, when her first daughter was born, she listened to her mama heart and paved her own unique path. Since then, she has grown her family, but you can also find her speaking as an expert on grounding, running online health classes, making art, writing books, designing grounding tools, and of course, grounding herself!

Some of the MANY Benefits of Grounding:
-Your brain waves go into a healing pattern
-Your muscle tension drops
-It heals inflammation in the body
-Your sleep patterns change, for the better
-It supports vagal tones
-It calms the nervous system
-It improves lungs, the heart, and so much more!!
-A study showed it helps babies in the NICU bio-regulate their temperature (Wow!!! How does everyone not know about this?!)

Ways to Ground for Those with Mobility Issues, or In Severe Weather:
-Indoor grounding options (refer to Dr. Koniver’s website)
-Ground through the hands (touch a tree in the ground, or a metal pole in the ground, or parts of the earth, like a rock)
-Touch someone else who is grounded

Dr. Koniver suggests that we recharge our bodies! Don’t fall into the rut of taking better care of your electronics, than you do your body.

To Keep Safe from Ticks While Grounding:
Refer to episode 20, Tick Safety with 3 Moms Organics (
-Stay out of long grass
-Learn how to check for ticks after being outdoors, and what to do if you find a tick
-Chickens will eat ticks
-Use cedar oil (Cedarcide brand is what Dr. Koniver likes, or you can check out 3MomsOrganics TickWise) for yourself and your pets
-Don’t let the fear of ticks keep you from getting outside!

Grounding requires moisture and minerals! This is likely why our feet are the most sweaty part of our bodies!

Surfaces that are NOT Conductive for Grounding:
-Rubber soles
-Painted metal
-Black tar asphalt
-Dry lumber
-Artificial turf

Surfaces that ARE Conductive for Grounding:
-Sand, and play sand, if it’s on the earth, and WET!
-Unsealed garage
-Most pipes
-Metal poles (in the ground)
-Rocks that have been touching the earth

Dr. Koniver creates grounding products that are made of natural cotton, stainless steel, and natural materials. She makes sure her grounding materials are good for people and good for the earth.

Learn more from Dr. Laura Koniver:

IG, Facebook, TikTok: @intuitionphysician
Podcast: Intuition Physician
Documentary: The Earthing Movie

Book Suggestions:
The Earth Prescription by Laura Koniver, M.D.
Only Love Today by Rachel Macy Stafford

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