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Ep. 43 Bathroom Breaks in the Outdoors [and While Camping]

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“But, what if you need to go to the bathroom?” Where and how to go #1 and #2 in the outdoors, whether adventuring, or camping, can be a huge sense of anxiety for people. So, whether it’s simply squatting in the bush, or bringing a portable potty, we are here to share all the ways we’ve created toilets in the outdoors!

Portable Toilet Suggestions:

  • Go Girl:
  • Shewee:
  • Luggable Loo:
  • Lauren’s Awoken Unisex Urinal for Car:

Portable Toilets are great solutions for when you’re in busy areas, or you don’t want to be away from your child – you can use some in a car, in a tent, or hugged up against a tree.

If you choose to squat and leave nature in nature, remember to leave no trace – and carry out any toilet paper you may use. (

When Camping:

  • use head lamp, and have bear spray
  • bring mason jar, bucket, toddler training seat, or portable potty
  • dig cat hole: rule is that it must be dug 200 feet away from water sources, walking trails, and camp sites (or carry out poop, like you would carry out dog poop)
  • or toddlers who are new to learning how to squat, you can support the toddler’s legs behind their knees, to help them form a squat

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Today’s Hosts: @laurenrodycheberle and @cldowsett from @kidswhoexplore
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