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Ep. 46 Potty Training in the Outdoors with Jamie Glowacki

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When your kiddos say goodbye to diapers, adventures look a whole lot different. Easier or harder? You decide! But there may be a period of time where you’re adventuring with a toilet in tow, until they master the outdoor squat. Don’t worry – you can still get outside, even in the learning-phase. We have expert Jamie Glowacki on today’s podcast, to talk all things toddlers and poop!

Jamie Glowacki is an internationally recognized potty training and parenting expert. She is the author of both Oh Crap Potty Training and Oh Crap I Have a Toddler.

When to Start Potty Training:

  • “Wait until they are ready” is the biggest myth (tune in to learn why)
  • 20 to 30 months is prime age, if not earlier
  • After 30 months, children get individuation, making the process much harder
  • Remember that using a toilet is socialized behaviour

How Much Time Is Needed to Stay Home to Focus on Learning the Toilet (and how can you also get outside):

  • Devote at least 4 days to staying home
  • Jamie’s book is in blocks of learning, instead of specific time frames, as each child will progress differently
  • In desperate times, throw a diaper on for a hike or car ride if you need, just don’t get too dependent on it, but STILL go outside
  • The outdoors and actions such as throwing, help release the pelvic floor, so it will actually help kids who are withholding, to release
  • Hike and adventure with a potty chair
  • Don’t forget to have your kids wear two-piece everything!

Tip: A post-it note, or wet toilet paper, over automatic-flush sensors will stop toilet from automatically flushing when a little one is sitting on it

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