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Ep. 49 A New Year with KWE!

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Hello, 2022! Not only are we welcoming a new year, but we are celebrating a year of Kids Who Explore in the books!! It’s been so beautiful to watch Adrianna Skori’s (the Founder & CEO of KWE) vision on the trail turn into this community that inspires, supports, gives back, and genuinely cares for the humans behind the adventure photos.

KWE’s Why:

  • Get kids outside
  • Connect kids to nature and their family
  • Watch children benefit from being immersed in nature
  • See nature heal trauma and challenges
  • We want nature to help raise our children!

KWE’s What:

  • Offer tips, tricks, and education to help families
  • Provide evergreen content that people can refer back to
  • Offer meet ups for families to adventure together

In the next year, keep your eye out for:

  • Website  – affiliations, discounts, blog, our shop, and events
  • Events – events are usually virtual to reach a global community, and the sign up is FREE!
  • Explorer Families – see 188 families from around the world represent KWE
  • Instagram (@kidswhoexplore) – themed months, Sunday giveaways, Thursday tips, and so many laughs, inspiration, and tips!
  • Podcast – new episode every Tuesday! Please leave a review and help more people learn about us
  • Gear/patch4apurpose – Your support helps us continue to run KWE, as well as give back to other charities [our store is supported by 3G Embroidery in Okotoks, AB, Canada]
  • So much more we are dreaming up!

Thank you to everyone who has make this year possible! More love to come.

Find KWE:

  • IG: @kidswhoexplore
  • As well as @kidswhoexplorecanada, @kidswhoexploreusa, @kidswhoexploreeurope, @kidswhoexplorecentralamerica, @kidswhoexploreafrica, @kidswhoexploresouthamerica, @kidswhoexploreaustralia, @kidswhoexploreasia

Find Adrianna, CEO:
IG: @adriannaadventures

Check out KWE’s #patch4apurpose to support 1, or all 8, charities:

Today’s Host: @laurenrodycheberle & @adriannaadventures from @kidswhoexplore
Production: @kpmediaproductions. Music: @michaelferraro_music.