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Ep. 51 Exploring the Ocean with Jase & Kate Kelly

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Isolation. The Kelly’s know isolation all too well, but unlike Covid-Isolation, they know it in the most beautiful way! The Australian family of four live on an ultra-remote island called Uepi, located in the Solomon Islands. Not only is their unique lifestyle one that’s of keen interest, they also have taught their children from only weeks of age how to enjoy and respect the ocean. Learn it all here!

Jase & Katie run an ethical tourist resort (attracting mostly SCUBA divers) and a grass-roots based charity, centred around protecting the incredible natural environment and traditional islander way of life. Jase, with a background in international business, and Katie, a clinical pharmacist, are a pair well-equipped to manage their alternative lifestyle and give back to the local community. Arlo (3.5 yrs) and Ophelia (2 yrs) have been the perfect addition to their island life, encouraging them to explore the ocean through new eyes. Jase and Katie are both keen free divers and especially love exploring untouched islands and reefs around their home island with the kids in tow.

How They’ve Taught Their Kids About the Ocean:

  • They submerged their kids in the ocean by 10-weeks-old
  • They don’t create a sense of fear, but instead educate them
  • They take the time to go in the water with their kids and talk through boundaries
  • They respect the creatures, including the sharks
  • They know which animals to be cautious of: stingers (jelly fish), tree snakes, centipedes (which are venomous)
  • They get them to connect with creatures – give human-like qualities to the animals in the water, or get them to look at smaller portions of the animal (a particular shape or design)
  • They start where they are comfortable, and allow them to choose what they want to do – they don’t push them too far
  • They play to their strengths and prepare them ahead of time
  • They demonstrate their own confidence to their children

More Advice on Getting Outside with Kids:

  • Keep it close to home
  • Don’t underestimate how much the outdoors can turn a situation around

On their island, they need to be self-reliant, as they don’t have a hospital on the island, so they would need to fly a helicopter in (extraordinary expense)…they have medicines and equipment to handle most situations.

Katie’s Personal Water Rules While Pregnant:

  • Spent more time in the water
  • Stopped free-diving to depth
  • No scuba diving (as advised by physician), because of the breath hold and not the same level of oxygen

A day in their life usually looks like 3 meals together, getting in the water with the kids, having an adventure with the kids, and working in between – check out their YouTube channel to see more!

Tips for Connection during Isolation:

  • Utilize Facetime
  • Reach out to friends and family
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about feelings!

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