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Ep. 54 Adventuring Diaper-Free with Andrea Olson

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Can you imagine never having to change a poopy diaper? Can you imagine adventuring with your young babies without wondering where you will set up a diaper changing station? Andrea Olson can, because she did Elimination Communication with all 5 of her kids…basically potty training from birth. We are going to learn the tricks of her trade, and the why behind it!

Andrea Olson never intended on teaching people about baby potty training, and like many, she didn’t even realize Elimination Communication (EC) existed until her mid-20’s. Since then, she says it has become her passion, her career, and her motivation. She started Elimination Communication with her first son at birth. Soon after, she started helping other moms practice EC. That turned into a pamphlet, which turned into a book, and more books, and videos, and courses, and…the list goes on! For over 10 years now, Andrea has helped thousands of parents worldwide learn about and practice Elimination Communication.

Elimination Communication practices using listening and responding to the cries and signals that our kids show us, as early as newborns, that they need to relieve themselves.  

Reminder: Poop, even in disposable diapers, is never supposed to go in the landfill; the poop should be put into the toilet before the diaper is disposed of.

Elimination Communication Pros: 

  • You save a ton of money on diapers
  • It reduces fussiness and colic-symptoms
  • It helps make breastfeeding easier
  • It gives babies a sense of control (in a good way)
  • It’s makes for less to clean up, or wash
  • The process is quicker
  • No blow outs!
  • Babies smell better
  • It gives you and your kiddos a deeper connection

It is okay to do part-time EC, if daycare or other care providers are not on board. 

Adventuring with EC: 

  • Signs they need to relieve themselves in the carrier – they will “buck” and try to get out
  • Bring a tiny potty (or top hat potty) that’s easy to travel with on adventures
  • Allow them to go in the car before and after adventure (or after a nap in the carrier)
  • “Offer” them a chance to go whenever you transition or when your gut is telling you they may need to go
  • Fun tip: Bring journaling and crafting for potty time before adventures (especially when you have multiple kids who need turns using the potty – crafting is perfect waiting material)

Elimination Communication Cons: 

  • Effort! There is the upfront work of being extremely present and learning your baby’s cues
  • After getting out of diapers completely, sometimes parents/kids don’t know how to “finalize the potty training”

So, when can you start? Anytime! From birth onwards. Once you hit 12-months, but especially 15-months, you would go directly to potty training, and not practice EC.

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