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Ep. 55 When Your Family Likes Different Activities

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Let’s face it – not everyone in a family is always going to like the same activities. So, how do you create a balance? How do you compromise? How do you allow space for each other? We may not have the perfect answers for everyone, but we have the perfect answers for us! Come along and hear more!

What We’ve Learned: 

  • Our spouses don’t have to be everything to us
  • Talk it out and find the compromise that works best for your family
  • When you go along on an activity that you don’t enjoy, bring your positivity!

Our Rule of Thumb: 

  • Find an outdoor and indoor activity that you both truly enjoy together (can be more than one!)
  • Activities that the other doesn’t enjoy, the role can be filled by other family members and friends
  • Dedicate a few times a year for each person to come along on the other’s activities
  • See if you can find a compromise in the activities (ie. hike to a fishing location)
  • Alternate who plans the adventure (works great when you have multiple kid voices chiming in!)

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We want to hear how your family finds this compromise – head over to our IG, @kidswhoexplore, to tell us!! 


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