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Ep. 59 Maintaining an Adventure Relationship After Kids

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How do you transition a friendship from wild (possibly reckless) adventures to family-friendly, safe adventures with kids literally ALWAYS in tow? Adrianna & Lauren did that exact thing, and they have found some key takeaways that help them maintain their friendship, and have even watched it flourish with the addition of their mini adventurers!

Some Key Lessons/Tips: 

  • Plan next adventure after each adventure, so you always have the next one pencilled in
  • Give 30-minute arrival windows!
  • Agree on difficulty level of adventures, type of adventures, temperature, etc.
  • Have Plan A, B, and C – alter activity if you need, but honour that time you have scheduled together

Remember: Your summit doesn’t have to be the top of the mountain. It can be whatever you want it to be – a rock pile, a lake, a spot in the city, a coffee shop!! Choose your summit. The language and perspective of that will take you far!  


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Today’s Host: @adriannaadventures & @laurenrodycheberle from @kidswhoexplore
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