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Ep. 69 Mushroom Hunting with Rukmini Halliwell

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Rukmini Halliwell is a lover of mushrooms…the kind you would try to spot in nature. And that’s what we are going to discuss today…mushrooms!! You may just be picking up a new hobby after this episode.

You recently met Rukmini Halliwell on our podcast about Choosing a Life Jacket {PFD}. If you don’t remember, she is Kids Who Explore’s Inclusion Lead, she is a voice for breaking cultural barriers that prevent BIPOC from entering outdoor spaces, she is a wife and a mama who enjoys hiking with her family, and she’s a mushroom-lover.

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Ruk’s first ever hiking trip was in the Himalayas. After that, she set a goal for 30 hikes that year. Her husband broke his foot when she was already at 27, so she had to finish it on her own. She found a new hiking friend, and because they didn’t have anything in common, they started looking for mushrooms together. Then she started taking photos, put them up on a Reddit Mushroom Forum, then joined her local mycology society, and audited classes at York University.

Mushroom Identification: 

  • Location
  • Time of year
  • Soil composition (or what it’s growing on)
  • It’s tree “best friend”
  • Sustainable foraging…only take one specimen (do not eat! Unless you 100% know what it is, and it’s cooked) – also check laws of country for foraging
  • Can use iNature app to help ID, or just to track
  • Take photos of mushroom from front, side, upskirt, and gills.
  • Check ID Key to go through list of identification markers

Where to Start with this Hobby: 

  • Get books!
  • Read up on sustainable foraging
  • Join Mycology Society
  • Join a Facebook or Reddit Group

Mushroom “Hunting” is a great activity to do with toddlers!! It allows you to get on their level, get low, see how alive the forest is, and gets you to slow down and be present.

Eating pinecones mention: IG – @blackforager

Follow Ruk on IG: @rukminihalliwell


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