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Ep. 70 Hiking While Pregnant

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Everyone’s pregnancy looks different, and hiking while pregnant will too. Make sure to listen to your own body and your care providers’ recommendations. In today’s episodes we share a little bit about what our hiking has looked like while pregnant, especially now, while hiking pregnant with toddlers in tow!

Hiking While Pregnant Tips: 

  • Set the expectation that adventures may slow down for a period of time (or be shorter)
  • Allow yourself to go at toddler-pace, and let them lead the way
  • If carrying a toddler while pregnant, you may find the soft-structured carriers more comfortable than the bigger hiking carriers
  • Trekking poles are fantastic for balance! [And ice cleats/crampons in winter]
  • Put a boundary around first trimester, and “fourth trimester” (3 months postpartum) and be very cautious to listen to your body and what it needs
  • There is no pressure to do anything grand…just step outside!
  • Remember that in the grand scheme of things, pregnancy is such a short period of time

So, in summary:
Slow down. Be present. Breathe in the fresh air. Cuddle that little bundle of joy!

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Today’s Host: @adriannaadventures & @laurenrodycheberle from @kidswhoexplore
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