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Ep. 72 Keeping Kids Moving on the Trail

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“Keep on going.” “Come on.” “Pick up those feet.” “Look forward.” How many of these lines are repeated over and over again on the trail, or anywhere really? We don’t want every step to feel like drudgery; we want each step to be a “we can do hard things” moment! Today we discuss some things you can do with toddlers and all-aged kids to make hiking fun, while still getting them moving forward!


  • Choose a do-able adventure
  • End on a high note (if you can)
  • Start or finish in the carrier (soft-structured or hiking carrier)
  • Give them choice
  • Use different positions – flying, holding hands, follow the leader, piggy back
  • Pretend to be different animals
  • Find a safe point for them to reach
  • Get them to “catch you”
  • Monkey see, monkey do with kids

All Kids: 

  • Give them trekking poles
  • Let them choose what’s in their packs
  • Pick “points of interest” (remember to not let kids go ahead in bear country, and various other areas)
  • Do a scavenger hunt (join KWE email list to get our regular FREE sheets) –
  • Try mushroom hunting, bird watching, grounding with the trees
  • Play games – hike-and-go-seek (safely), I spy, races, 20 questions
  • Bring friends!
  • Have snack breaks
  • Let everyone make a goal that is super attainable for them

Mostly importantly, be creative and willing to switch it up. Bring the energy you want the kids to feel! And, never feel bad calling it and saying it’s not going to be a big adventure day! 


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Today’s Host: @adriannaadventures & @laurenrodycheberle from @kidswhoexplore
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