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Ep. 74 Minimalism, Because Nature is All We Need with Jase & Kate Kelly

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When you live on an ultra-remote island, you can’t simply click “buy now” and have something arrive at your doorstep within 24 hours. The Kellys know this from their life on Uepi, in the Soloman Islands. Not only is their lifestyle very minimalist because of necessity, but also because of intention for a life with meaning in the outdoors, and a love for the planet. They have some amazing takeaways on how to live a life with less stuff and more nature!

The Kellys run an ethical tourist resort and a grass-roots based charity centred around protecting the incredible natural environment and traditional islander way of life.

The Kelly’s last episode: Episode 51, Exploring the Ocean –

They have to be intentional with what they bring to the island. If they don’t want something any longer, the disposal of that item is up to them too. How things are made, what they’re made of, and how long they last is important for every item. 

Let’s Talk Minimalism: 

Kid Toys: 

  • Their kids get very creative, because they don’t have one-use items. Timber blocks make the best toys!
  • They ask people to give them less, and put less emphasis on gifts
  • They have a maximum amount of bins that can hold toys and pass them on regularly
  • At Kinder, what they teach with so little is inspiring – shells, sticks, and leaves, allow for group activities, learning, counting, and crafting


  • They have handmedowns from Australia, and then they pass on those clothes if they are still wearable (move them on to the village)
  • They believe in having quality items, and loving them fully/using them up!

Adventure Gear: 


  • They don’t own a car – no cars allowed on the island
  • Everything is functional, tidy, and only what they need


  • Use what they have
  • Everything is made from scratch – the bread, the crackers, everything!
  • Lots of fresh produce
  • Fresh fish they catch themselves
  • They batch use whatever they get at a time

Parenting outside is smoother than parenting inside! Kids are never too young to appreciate the things that you’re interested in. Do something you enjoy doing, and bring them along! Focus on what you appreciate in that environment and show them. There is endless opportunity of interest, if you take the time to share it with your kids! 

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