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Ep. 76 Losing it All in a House Fire, but Gaining More with Christina Sizemore

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Christina Sizemore from Houston Texas, along with her husband and daughter, watched their house burn down in 2017. They lost it all! But, what they didn’t lose was each other and their instinct to be close to the earth! She says this tragic experience has reframed how they do and see life. Learn how losing it all can help you gain so much more.

About Their Experience: 

  • The fire started from a candle that lit window shades on fire and spread
  • Husband climbed out bedroom window. Was sleeping because he had worked the night shift. Chris had gone out to get their daughter from school
  • They’ve learned PTSD never goes away…you just learn how to manage it. Now the smell of fire can set her off. She has to say her mantra that they are all safe

How They’ve Found Healing: 

  • Therapy! Take care of your mind, like you take care of your body
  • Working on releasing guilt
  • Discovered what they didn’t want to bring back into their lives and where to let go
  • Found a renewed importance in the outdoors
  • Finds joy in volunteering, donating, and supporting others in challenging times

If You Ever Find Yourself in This Situation, A Few Tips: 

  • Call 911. Then family! Then insurance
  • Try to get as many documents as possible (reminder to take photos of documents, so you can have the numbers on file saved in iCloud (or whatever you use to backup))
  • In the States, almost everything requires your Social Security Number (good number to have memorized, or saved somewhere and backed up)
  • On their website,, there is a step-by-step guide
  • Go to a hospital to check about smoke inhalation


  • IG: @sharonsaysso and her podcast, teaching about government and history
  • Book: The Woman They Could Not Silence by Kate Moore

*Stick around to the end of this episode. Adri drew a card for Chris and it came up as “The Keeper’s of the Earth.”* 

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