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Ep. 79 Finding Family-Friendly Trails with Jess Sproat

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How do you choose a trail that is truly family-friendly? Jessica Sproat, co-founder of Trail Collectiv, is helping make that a whole lot easier! Learn how they are redefining trails and what it means to be outdoorsy!

Jessica Sproat is an outdoor enthusiast, traveller, and explorer.  She believes in the power of the outdoors, and is an advocate for access to nature for all. Jessica has a master’s degree in Child Development, and works as a photographer, writer, and content creator.  She is the co-founder of a new app, TrailCollectiv, that seeks to break down barriers to accessing nature and the outdoors for people of all ages and abilities.  Jess was raised close to the Canadian Rockies and now lives in Vancouver with her husband and son.

Trail Collectiv has trail information geared for families – anything from a little trail in a playground area and is 500m, to some “bigger” hikes.

Trail Collectiv App Includes: 

  • Adventures for all age ranges and abilities
  • Distance and elevation
  • If it’s rooty/rocky
  • If it’s good for wheelchairs/strollers
  • If bathrooms are accessible
  • If there are bridges/water/views, etc.
  • The parking situation; do you need any parking passes?
  • If it’s in/near avalanche terrain
  • Difficulty rating scale – 5 ratings

As a parent choosing family adventures, remember to change expectations and find the beauty in the outdoors. 

How to Contribute to Trail Collectiv: 

  • Download app
  • Sign up on waiting list
  • Become a “trail contributor”
  • Spread the word!

Book Recommendation: Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

Follow Jessica and Trail Collectiv: 

  • IG: @trailcollectiv & @jesscsproat
  • Facebook Groups: Born to Be Adventurous
  • App Stores: TrailCollectiv


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