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Ep. 80 7 Tips for Getting Kids Outside with Jen Parkes

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This one speaks for itself. How to get kids of all ages outside. Jen Parkes, a New Zealand Travel Writer and Photographer, has 7 tips for getting kids outside. Take a listen, because she may even surprise you with 3 bonus tips!

Jen Parkes, along with husband, Ashley, and three children, Nathan 8, Kipton 6, and Emilia 4, loves to get outside and explore their beautiful home, in hopes to inspire others to travel and do the same! While Jen works full-time as a content creator, Ashley is a dairy farmer. They love multi-day adventures that allow them to hike, camp, ski, paddleboard, and boat.


  1. Show them pictures ahead of time and ask them questions to get them involved in the hike.
  2. Have them help prepare some yummy food for the adventure.
  3. Start the hike with games, good stories, or “what if” questions.
  4. Talk to them like an adult – express this is something you’d like to do together and let them choose something else they’d like to do.
  5. Up their pride with their own gear to take care of – backpack, water pack, etc.
  6. Evaluate what motivates your kid – would it be a one-on-one adventure with you, or would it help for them to bring their friends?
  7. Let them skip sometimes – the FOMO may bring them back for more.

Bonus Tips: 

  1. Find time to be one-on-one with each kid (Book Discussed: The Family Board Meeting by Jim Sheils).
  2. Teach them how to do first aid in an emergency scenario.
  3. Choose something new and challenging for kids to take on.

“It is easier to parent in nature where children can be free-range.” 

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