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Ep. 86 Getting Babies Outside (in the Womb) with Supriya Rajaraman

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Getting babies outside starts in the womb! Supriya Rajaraman grew up in India, and has now been living in Canada for the last 10 years. She feels like she is breaking barriers in her family and culture by exploring the outdoors, especially while pregnant, and now with her little explorer.

Supriya, along with spouse Karthik, and baby explorer, Tanish, who is 9-months old, love exploring the outdoors together. Keeping it simple, and starting with neighbourhood walks at just 5-days old with Tanish, they now love taking their baby explorer hiking, and plan this year to explore all that Kananaskis Country has to offer.

Some Interesting Discussions: 

  • The different feelings about activity in pregnancy in different cultures
  • Listening to your body and your intuition with activity in pregnancy, as well as your care providers’ recommendations
  • Mothering the mother – caring for the mother postpartum

Book Recommendations: 

  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May  
  • To Have and to Hold: Motherhood, Marriage, and the Modern Dilemma by Molly Millwood, PhD 

Don’t be afraid to break barriers and do what works for your family, in all areas of parenting.  

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