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Ep. 9 What’s In Our Hiking Packs

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Our Hiking Packs: 


For on your body: 

-clothes [Tip: pack layers. Ideally wear lighter colours and full coverage to protect from the sun and ticks]
-rain cover & extra rain gear
-hat & sunglasses
-tick spray
-trail runners or hiking boots


For in your belly: 

-squeeze packs (not just for kids)
-veggies and hummus
-water (in bottles and/or a hydration pack)


For baby:
-milk [for nursing mamas: in cold temperatures, nursing workout gear is great – we like Kojo Activewear]
-diapers & wipes
-change pad [or use a blanket or a seat you’ve packed]
-flip cover [to avoid blow outs]
*We love changing baby in the car at the trail head, if you can. Put the front seat down in the winter, or use trunk space in the summer*


All the other good stuff:
-something to sit on (Rumpl Stash Mat or Z Seat)
-scavenger hunt
-satellite phone
-first aid kit [Tip: KT Tape is helpful for avoiding blisters]
-hiking poles

-bear spray (and Scat Belt to carry it)


Secondhand gear is good to keep your eye out for at the end of the season, or on Facebook Market Place.


Safety Tip: Never let car go under half a tank of gas.


Remember to keep hiking fun for kids. We love games, like safely playing Hide & Seek with an adult, or packing a hiking scavenger hunt, hiking bingo, or “I Spy” to keep their little eyes out while exploring!

Rumpl Stash Mat –

Z Seat –
Tick spray –

Scavenger Hunt –

Kojo Activewear –
Oma + Jo Trapper Hats –

Thank you to Rumpl for supporting today’s episode! Use EXPLORE15 for 15% your first order at


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