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Ep. 91 Taking Your Kids Skating for the First Time

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Embracing winter. Enjoying winter. That is our theme this winter. One way we embrace winter is taking our kids out skating. Today we discuss what we did to take our toddlers skating for the first time last year.

Our Skating Comfort Level: 

  • Adrianna was a competitive speed skater, and taught that!
  • Adrianna’s husband coached hockey growing up
  • Lauren’s husband is a professional hockey player
  • Lauren can’t stop on skates…

What We Did:

  • We chose outdoor locations – the mountains, frozen lake, outdoor rink…free!!
  • Chose not too cold and not too windy days
  • Indoor rinks would be good too
  • Kept it short and sweet (small exposures are key)
  • Pause for warm drink, and go again!
  • “Practise” in gear with skate guards at home


Allow your child to take the lead in their comfort level! You build the experience, and they can choose their own adventure within that. Also, you can always invite friends! The seasons go by so fast – enjoy it! 


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