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Ep. 92 Learning to Enjoy Winter with Erin Gallimore

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For some, winter may be their favourite season, and for others, they may need to learn to embrace it, and maybe even enjoy it! Erin Gallimore believes that teaching her son to love all seasons and all weather, starts with her. You’ll be making a winter bucket list after this episode!!

Erin was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and she currently lives in Tacoma, Washington. A foster mom for 6 years, she is now mom to her one and only biological son, Graham. Erin and her husband both work full-time in healthcare, so they plan outdoor adventures on the weekends and holidays. Last year they checked off 12 Washington State Bucket List adventures and plan on more this year. An enneagram 2 and  extreme extrovert, you will find Erin running the KWE Washington FB page and planning group hikes to make new friends!

To Embrace Winter: 

  • Determined what DIDN’T need to be on her list – skiing and snowboarding
  • Chose activities they could enjoy – sledding, snow shoeing, and weekend trips in the mountains
  • Chose new places to explore and put it all in the calendar!
  • Next year – winter camping!!

Positives Found in Winter Adventure: 

  • Accomplished hikes they wouldn’t in the summer
  • Found it quieter and peaceful

Winter Tips: 

  • Get ice cleats/crampons when the snow isn’t snowshoe deep
  • Pack hand warmers, especially for toddlers who don’t want to keep gloves on
  • Plan shorter trails for snowshoeing – it’s a big workout!

Locations Mentioned: 

  • Mount Rainier
  • Hurricane Ridge

Blog Post About Warm Drinks:

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