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Ep. 93 Living an Iceland Adventure with Ulfar Andresson

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Does making hot chocolate while bathing in a hot spring sound fantastic to you? How about playing ice hockey on a crater? This is just a regular day in the life of Ulfar Andresson, who runs Iceland Activities.

Ulfar was born and raised in a hot spring! Iceland Activities has been a family company since 2010. He loves involving his two kids in all the outdoors has to offer. Many of the locations they take their guests to are hidden gems that they have all to themselves.

Icelandic Tradition: 

They don’t name their children until they are 3 months old. This was previously because they had to wait for a priest. Now, the naming also includes a party/big event. Plus, parents don’t want added germs/sickness around the babies until they are older, stronger, and have vaccinations.

The sooner you do things with kids, the more they love it, and the sooner they can do it on their own! “Creating play partners for life!” That being said, don’t push anything they aren’t into, and just keep offering until they are ready.  

Hot Springs: 

  • Wait until kids are 6 to 8 months old to go in
  • Adults can be in the hot springs for 1.5-3 hours if well-rested and fed [Ulfar has stayed past 5 hours]
  • If the temperature outside is colder than body temperature (in winter), staying in the hot spring for only 30 minutes is best

Book Recommendation: 

The Yule Lads

Follow Ulfar on IG: @icelandactivities


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