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Ep. 96 Roading Tripping with Young Kids

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Car trips and plane trips – they are both full! The perks of road trips are they give you flexibility to go at your own pace, stop as much as you need, and of course, pack more!! Let’s talk about some things we’ve found to make road trips with toddlers and babies a little bit easier.

Plane Travel with Kids:

What to “Play” With: 

  • Like plane, start with nothing…look out windows, talk about what you see, play music
  • Then, pull out one thing at a time – no mess colouring, books, Pop-It. Some people say dollar store items. Maybe something new that’s exciting
  • Let them choose music (or podcast)

What Stops Look Like: 

  • It’s recommended young kids aren’t in their car seat for more than 2 hours at a time
  • Stop to stretch legs and eat
  • Find a park
  • Find a mini view point hike/nature walk
  • Stop at a beach
  • Embrace anywhere you stop!

Sleep Tips: 

  • Play music that helps them fall asleep
  • Use soother with clip, so it’s not easy to lose
  • Wool socks to keep them cozy!


  • Pack a cooler
  • You can never have too much food…we know this!

Bonus Tips:

  • Pack a toddler toilet!
  • Have a travel pack/bag/box for each person, so everything is easy to find when in the car
  • One adult can sit in the backseat with kid(s), if this works for you
  • Practise with some shorter road trips beforehand
  • Build excitement before you go and communicate with kids about it

Be flexible! Know that you may need to stop sooner than you would like. Naps may get messed up. Keep expectations at bay!


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