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Ep. 97 Choosing the Best Ski Gear [on a Budget] with Coach Nelly

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Last episode with Coach Nelly, we just scraped the surface on easier access to ski gear, so we wanted to dive even deeper into that topic. Learn where to save, and where quality is key, plus all things skiing!

Coach Nelly has more than 20 years of experience coaching under her belt. In 2018, she started Raising Little Rippers, where she has created an educational resource for adventurous mamas, raising the next generation of big mountain skiers.

Learning to Ski with Coach Nelly Ep. 95:

How to Ski On a Budget:

Don’t Skimp on These Items: 

  • Helmet (head shape…try on brands at the store first. And bring goggles with you, because some goggles don’t work with all helmets)
  • Ski boots (take out boot liner portion to test size; only wear one pair of wool socks (or synthetic layer), cotton is no good, because it will get wet and cold, and two pairs or more can impact circulation. Sizing can impact control!)

Fun Tip: Show Kids how goggles change the colour of the snow 

Ways to Save on Gear: 

When Buying New: 

Bring another family along for backup, motivation, and fun! To comfort fear, gain a sense of control and skill. 

When to Invest in Lessons: 

Choosing a Ski Pass: 

  • Look into Epic Pass and Mountain Collective – some passes that end up being easier on the budget if you want to travel to different resorts

Some Bonus Ways to Save: 

  • Chains on tires, instead of winter tires
  • Filling up at less expensive gas stations
  • Pack your own food

Song for Kids to Know What to Pack –  

Link to Coach Nelly’s email list to play again and again! –

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